15 Nov 2016

2016 Matching Challenge!

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November 15, 2016

Dear Cor Deo Parents and Friends,

Cor Deo is built upon two foundational principles: 1) keeping the Bible at the center of everything we do, and 2) partnering with parents to provide an amazing education. We are grateful that every day our doors are open, in every class that we teach, and in every communication we send, Jesus is honored as LORD and King and His Word is proclaimed to be 100% completely true and trustworthy. We are also grateful that you – our parents – are such wonderful partners. You continue to encourage our teachers, stay involved in your children’s schoolwork, volunteer where needed, and keep the school funded through your tuition payments and fundraising.

As a board, our mission is very simple: we ensure that Cor Deo stays true to these two foundational principles, and we work to ensure that Cor Deo remains as a viable, affordable school. In order to keep Cor Deo affordable, we build Cor Deo’s budget so that tuition, fees, and the $300 per student fundraising obligation provides 90% of the total amount needed. We count on additional dollars raised from fundraising for the remainder of our budget. This year, the amount that is not funded by tuition, fees and the fundraising obligation is approximately $500 per student. This amount is somewhat greater than normal because our enrollment dipped for the first time ever this year.

So, in order to continue to keep Cor Deo financially healthy, we are launching a matching challenge. A few Cor Deo supporters have come together and offered us $20,000 if we can match that amount on a 1:1 basis with other gifts or pledges before December 31st of this year. We ask that you prayerfully join us in matching this challenge. One-time gifts to Cor Deo for this challenge can be made online here (through Southwest Hills Baptist Church’s online giving system) or into the drop boxes outside the principal’s offices on either campus. Also, if you want to make a monthly recurring gift toward this challenge, please follow the directions here.

We also ask that you tell your friends about Cor Deo and the education we provide. We are hosting several open houses for prospective students and families in the coming weeks. A steady enrollment is of great benefit to the school’s continued operations.

If you have any questions about this challenge, please email or contact PJ Hanson at pjhanson@cordeo.org or (503) 524-1866. Thank you for your continued support.

Thank you, and blessings in Christ,

The Cor Deo Board of Directors

Elaine Anderson

Paul Colligan

Erik Fast

PJ Hanson

Kevin Puckett

Javan Smith

Larry Snyder

Jim Svoboda

Bill Sweitzer