Foundational Concepts

What distinguishes Cor Deo from other Christian schools?

Cor Deo represents a unique style of education, based on two key principles.  The first is God and His word.  Without God, all that we accomplish is in vain.  The second is the belief that the family is one of the most effective ways to pass on biblical values.  Taking these two core principles, we are working to develop a culture that goes beyond just reading/writing/arithmetic.  We desire to see in our students not merely knowledge, but wisdom.

Cor Deo accomplishes these principles through the integration of Christian school with home study. A unique blend for parents who desire to be involved in their student’s education but desire the consistency, accountability, and expertise that a school can provide Cor Deo and its faculty are responsible for developing curriculum, lesson plans, coursework, instruction, grading, transcripts and diplomas. Classroom instruction is administered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students study at home with their parents as their teacher.  Parents ensure work assignments are carried out at home in accordance with the teachers’ instruction. In addition, the teachers are responsible for connecting with parents to communicate and coordinate this cooperative education model.

To what extent is Bible a part of the Cor Deo curriculum?

We believe so strongly in the mission of our school, we placed it in our name.  Cor Deo in Latin means – heart for God.  Our goal is for each student to have a heart for God and His Word, expressing it in all aspects of their life.  God, our awesome creator, endowed us with creativity and the desire to learn and understand.  Just as learning a foreign language is more effective when you are immersed, so we too, want to fully immerse our children’s lives in Christ.  We desire to focus our children’s eyes so they can recognize who God really is and what that means for their lives.

First, all students in every grade take one period of Bible each day. Students will explore Christian history and doctrine with a focus on its current and potential impact on individuals and cultures with a goal of each student understanding the implications of a personal relationship with Christ and to equip each student to effectively fulfill the Great Commission.  Beginning in fourth grade as an elective and continuing through high school as a requirement, students study New Testament Greek. Our purpose is to better equip our students with the ability to dig out the hidden riches in God’s Word. Many words, phrases, and paragraphs in the New Testament cannot adequately be understood without some knowledge of biblical Greek.

Second, the Bible is used in most classes as a curriculum textbook. For example, our social studies classes may track with biblical chronology so the students learn the historical and cultural background of the Bible, what else was happening in the world during biblical times, and what happened to nations that followed or rejected biblical teaching. In English classes students may learn some of their poetry by studying the Psalms, some of their public speaking and rhetoric from the sermons of Jesus, and their literary interpretation by learning to interpret the many genre of literature that the Bible contains. We know of no other Christian school where students so thoroughly study God’s word.

Why is a Bible focus such an important aspect of Cor Deo?

Because we believe the Bible is a curriculum that teaches wisdom, knowledge, discipline, godliness, success, and character; and no one can design a better curriculum than God! For example, Proverbs says it was designed to make young people wise, disciplined, and intelligent, becoming men and women of godly character (Proverbs 1:1-6). Psalm 119:97-100 says that study of the Bible can make young people incredibly wise and insightful. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 says that the Bible is designed to prepare students to do “every good work,” making them successful (Psalm 1:2-3), joyful (Psalm 19:7-11), and prosperous (Joshua 1:8).

The Bible is a gift from God, a treasure chest, which few Christians today know how to unlock.   Cor Deo believes the wisdom students receive through God’s Word is more critical than the knowledge obtained through traditional academics. Each week students are asked to memorize Bible verses.

The conviction of Cor Deo Christian Academy is that one of the best gifts we can give our children is the understanding of the Bible. We have designed our school to do just that.

Why is a high level of parental involvement so important at Cor Deo?

First, the Bible gives parents the primary responsibility for the spiritual, educational and emotional development of their children. Parental involvement has a significant impact on a child’s development. Second, we believe this will foster family unity and enhance the effectiveness of parents passing on their values to their children, rather then children becoming peer dependant.

In the primary grades the role of parents is to support the lessons and instruction provided by the teachers by reading with the students and assisting with and ensuring the completion of work assignments. As students approach the upper grades, they are trained to work more independently, gradually becoming less reliant upon parental assistance. Parents shift to roles characterized by encouragement and support as they act as facilitators, consultants, coaches, resource specialists, and cheerleaders. While parents provide guidance, students gain confidence and skill in their ability to work independently, taking responsibility for their assignments and learning. This supportive role continues the opportunity for nurturing and bonding in the relationship as parents and students work together toward a common goal. Parents will have an opportunity to gain a clear understanding of their children’s progress, capabilities and teachers’ expectations. In this way, each student will receive one-on-one attention and oversight to ensure that every phase of instruction achieves the desired results.