Home Sweet Home (Almost)

Hey. Well yesterday I said we were waiting for a flight to Dover, Delaware. It was really our only choice, and we wanted to at least get across the big blue sea I prayed soooo hard that we would get on, and the Lord answered. We all packed up, and got ready. We took the bus to.. read more →

Stuck in Germany

    Hi everyone. Well we have been trying to get  out of Germany for 3 days. We have just been waiting. Yesterday there was a flight to New Jersey, and all we really wanted to do was get to the states. So we were all ready and when they called 53 firm seats we.. read more →

Coming Home!!!!

  Hello!!! Well we are at the airport, waiting to get a flight home. We were palnning on going to Spain and Portugal, but due to my grandpas diabetes, we will have to come home. Please pray for hom. His blood sugars are 3 times what they should be. He is very tired and weak.. read more →


So like I said before, we did spend 2 days in the London. Our hotel was 20 minutes away by train, so we took the train, usually so full we had to stand up. Then once we got to the train station, we took the underground tube to where we wanted to go to in.. read more →