Volunteer Hours

We want to keep tuition as low as possible. In order to help with this endeavor we require that each family with one or more students complete the following volunteer service hours each year:

Thirty (30) hours Fifteen (15) hours

Each family must serve at least 1/2 of these hours during lunch or recess times. After these hours are completed, the remaining hours may be divided in any manner.

Purposes of Volunteer Participation

  1. To build community within the school by getting to know other parents and students and be involved in the school.
  2. To fill the needs of the school which in turn keeps the cost of your child(ren)’s tuition lower.
  3. To provide input to the school administration regarding the operation and effectiveness of school services and activities which you are involved in serving.

Volunteer Guidelines

  1. Each family will select their volunteer positions in August during student orientation. You must track your own hours and report them weekly. If you cannot fulfill your scheduled volunteer assignment time, you must contact a replacement from the substitute roster. Training will be provided when necessary. You may sign up for more than one volunteer position, time slot, or term.
  2. Tuition scholarship recipients are required to serve an additional ten (10) hours for a total of forty (40) hours per year. Each family must serve at least 1/2 of these hours during lunch or recess times.
  3. Substitute teacher positions are eligible to fulfill your volunteer requirement. Cor Deo has educational standards for their substitute teachers and a person must meet these qualifications to be put on the substitute teacher list. Being a substitute does not negate your responsibility to fulfill the thirty (30) hour requirement.
  4. Volunteers may be any family or extended family member (i.e., grandparent). Please don’t use people other than family members for volunteer hours. Advanced notice is required if an extended family member is going to fulfill a portion of your volunteer hour requirement. In addition, background checks will be performed on all volunteers prior to them being able to perform volunteer duties.
  5. Any family not fulfilling their required thirty (30) hours, prior to the end of the school year, will be billed an additional $10 per hour for those not completed.

Volunteer Service Opportunities

The following are examples of volunteer service opportunities and is subject to changes, additions and deletions:

Lunch room
Parking lot
Fundraising banquet
Rummage sale
SCRIP/Box Tops
Classroom helper
Classroom setup
Volunteer coordinator