Volunteer Policy

Thank you for volunteering at Cor Deo. Your help is needed and valued. Here are some policy guidelines to help you as you get acquainted with school procedures. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please bring them to the teacher or staff person with whom you are working.

Dress Code: Please remember to be modest and to always present a good example to the students and others in appearance, conduct, and conversation.

Children: Please do not bring younger siblings to school with you when you volunteer. This will allow you to focus on your volunteer duties and give special attention to your child that is in school. Also, for liability reasons, the school simply cannot permit the younger siblings to be here.

Sign In: Please sign in and out in the office and wear a volunteer badge each time you come to volunteer. Remember to return your badge when you sign out. If you have valuables, please lock them in your car, or if necessary, ask about keeping them in the office while you are here.

Work Areas: Thank you very much for your help in keeping as much traffic and conversation as possible out of the office area. Please do all projects at the volunteer table or another area as requested/suggested by the teacher rather than in the school office

Confidentiality: Please remember to keep confidential all personal information about students, families, and faculty that you may learn while doing volunteer duties.

School Rules: Please be familiar with the guidelines for conduct in the Cor Deo Parent Handbook so you know what is expected of students. You may remind them of these rules when needed. If a student does not respond promptly and appropriately, please report the situation to his/her teacher.

Absences: As a courtesy to others, please call the school before 8:00am, if you cannot come in as scheduled. We will notify the teacher or staff person who was expecting you.

Training: Certain volunteers are required to attend a training session. This session will explain the responsbilities of the specific position.

Become a Volunteer

If you want to volunteer at Cor Deo we ask that you take care of a few important things first:

  1. Complete a Volunteer Application Form
  2. Read and comply with our volunteer policy and dress code.
  3. Sign in at the office and get your name tag (must be worn at all times while on campus)
  4. Sign out in the office when you are done volunteering