Graduation Requirements

All students at Cor Deo Christian Academy shall complete a minimum of 27 units of credit to receive a high school diploma (1 unit = 1 year of study). These standards exceed State of Oregon high school graduation requirements (24 units).

Your counselor is ready to assist you in evaluating your four-year plan and the selection of future courses. Any question concerning a course should be brought to the attention of your counselor or a teacher in the department of the course in question.

Bible 4 Social Studies 4
English 4 Physical Education 1
Math 3 Community Service 2
Science 3 Electives 5.5
Health .5 TOTAL 27

Course Standards

Students who are at Cor Deo less than four years can substitute other courses or ministry activities.

English I, English II, English III, English IV are required.

Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry are required. College-bound students should also consider taking pre-calculus. Students planning on attending a community college or wanting an extra elective may take business or consumer math.

Courses must include biology and the physical world (an introduction to chemistry and physics).  The other course may be chemistry, physics, or anatomy and physiology.

Course includes study of physical, mental, spiritual health. Cor Deo offers a full year health class or there is self-study packet. See registrar for information packet.

Courses will include US history, world history, government (1 semester or ½ unit), geography, economics (1 semester or ½ unit).

Aerobic or toning activities, recreational sports, a physical job or chores that result in increasing heart rate and toning muscles is acceptable. The 108 hours may be done during the course of the four years.

May include volunteer work in church ministries, community activities, and political groups that are approved in advance by the principal. These units may be fulfilled by a variety of activities totaling 216 hours over four years (54 hours equals one semester). Students should complete one 1/2 unit (54 hours) each year they attend Cor Deo.

May include courses offered at Cor Deo (such as Spanish, extra math or science courses), courses taught at home (e.g., music lessons), courses in the community (e.g., Calculus II at PCC), additional physical education or community service. See the registrar for more suggestions.