In an effort to help you begin planning for the 2014-2015 jr. high school year, Cor Deo is releasing the following proposed course schedule for your review.

Course Schedule

8:00 8:55 9:50 10:20 11:15 12:05 12:45 1:40
Math 7 Bible 7 Morning
Science 7 English 7 Lunch History 7 Study Hall
Algebra 1/2 Study Hall English 8 American Republic 8 Science 8 Bible 8

All classes and schedules are subject to change. Enrollment numbers play a large part in what we can provide.

Tuition Schedule

Registration Fee $150 Registration $100
Curriculum Fee $150 Class Tuition (Any class) $500/class
Annual Tuition $2,800

Additional fundraising and volunteer fees apply to tuition.  Please download and read the Tuition & Course Schedule 2014-2015 document below to learn more about fees and discounts that may apply during the year.

Tuition may be made in 10 monthly payments starting August 1st.  Registration fee is due at enrollment.  Curriculum fee, immunization status form and background check form is due by June 1st.  Registration and curriculum fees are non-refundable, to be paid as required prior to the start of school, and are not included in the payment plan. If any student is not accepted due to class size, registration, fees and tuition will be returned in full.

Student Documents