K-6th Chapel Time

K & 1st Grade 10:10 – 10:30am (Fridays only)
2nd & 3rd Grade 10:30 – 10:50am (M-W-F)
4th & 5th Grade 10:50 – 11:10am (M-W-F)
6th Grade 11:10 – 11:30am (M-W-F)

Goals and objectives:

  1. To continually point children to the Gospel
  2. To teach and apply God’s Word to everyday life
  3. To teach and appreciate Hymns of the past that celebrate our great God
  4. To teach and appreciate church history and our place in God’s great plan
  5. To read stories that point children to the Gospel with creativity
  6. To build and encourage Christ-centered relationships

Children need to hear stories. The reason is that they must learn to interpret stories, and they must do this so that they will come to understand the story of their own lives. The gospel story is of course the center of this process. But we learn to understand this story the same way we come to understand the language of Scripture. We learn language, and because of this, we can hear the language of God in Scriptures. We learn stories, and therefore we learn to hear the gospel as a story. When children are steeped in stories, they learn that they are characters in a story as well. This kind of wisdom is the result of hearing countless stories: Bible stories, fairy stories, family stories, stories about work, short stories, humorous stories, serious stories and many more. When children come to see themselves as characters, they then come to that wisdom which asks the really profound questions. “Am I a Peter? A Eustace? An Edmund? Am I Samwise? Lucy?” In short they learn to ask what kind of character they are in the story being written all around them.

My Life For Yours

A Walk Through The Christian Home

By Douglas Wilson

Below is a list of books that Mr. Hanson will be reading and discussing with the students:

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