In Their Words

The best way to understand the difference that Cor Deo makes in the lives of out students is through the observations of parents. How is Cor Deo not only providing a challenging academic environment but developing hearts for God?

Take a few minutes to watch this short video of Cor Deo parents answering: (1) How has the partnership benefited the relationship you have with your child? (2) How has the partnership helped develop a heart for God in your child? and (3) How has the partnership helped your child excel academically?

[video file="" width="560" height="320"]

“Education without the Bible and God as central cannot produce the type of people and leaders our world needs – for our families, our churches, or our nation.”
Dave Farquhar

“It’s great having a school with wisdom being the goal, not just knowledge.”
Javan Smith

“The partnership and interaction between teachers, parents and students creates a strong family atmosphere.”
Kim Penner